About Us & Our Vision

Why we did it

Our Educational Philosophy
Education + Entertainment = Edutainment

At Algobrix we believe in enhancing children’s educational processes while developing their ability to learn. While we understand that each child possesses a unique learning style, we have found that both fun and excitement accelerates their comprehension, retention, and analysis of new information. We have meticulously developed a tangible programming language, which combines education and entertainment using an interactive teaching method.

At Algobrix, our mission is to establish an original and unparalleled approach to educating the engineers and scientists of tomorrow by creating a well-known, engaging educational experience they can enjoy at an early age.

With Algobrix, children are empowered to build their confidence as they enter the challenging field of STEM, taking with them a necessary set of skills and knowledge attained through our hands-on learning method. Additionally, Algobrix is implementing two learning methods: The Spiral Learning Method and the PBL Method.

Why we did it

Our open source philosophy extends into our product's compatibilities, and we wanted to fit right in with some of the things your kid already has at home, that's why Algobrix is made from high quality LEGO™ compatible building blocks, so you can always expand your sets with your own LEGO™.

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Meet the Team

Amir Asor


Danny Eizicovitz


Yaniv Zacarovich


Ofer Zvik

Senior Electronics engineer

Ido Volansky

Software developer

Alon Shoavi

Plastic Engineering

Yael Strugo

Graphic designer

Active Brandibg

Brand Designers

Shay Cohen

LEGO Artist

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As veterans in the fields of education and technology, our confidence stems from multiple areas of success and personal passions. As die-hard LEGO™ fans, we chose to combine our individual talents to create Algobrix and enhance the learning experience. Amir Asor, founder of Young Engineers, has 10 years of pedagogical practice of teaching STEM with building blocks and Danny Eizicovits, PhD. has a decade of research and teaching experience in the field of robotics.

Young Engineers, an education company that quickly expanded across over 40 countries worldwide, provided us with the knowledge vital to approaching children of different backgrounds and cultures when teaching them how to code or program using LEGO™ compatible bricks. Our previous experience with Young Engineer projects helps Algobrix with the necessary tools and manufacturer relationships to assemble a high-quality, and most importantly safe, product that consists of internal electronic parts and external plastic encasements. Our ability to reach children both intellectually and kinesthetically is one that has matured over time, allowing us to create a fun, learning space that leaves a lasting impression on their young minds as they begin to think like engineers and become acquainted with programming.two learning methods: The Spiral Learning Method and the PBL Method.


Founded in 2008 by CEO and Co-Founder Amir Asor, Young Engineers is a global network of educators teaching children STEM with LEGOs (and similar building bricks) across over 40 countries. Young Engineers teaches multidisciplinary engineering to kids from 4 to 14 years old with a focus on fun, accessible, and hands-on engineering.

With a focus on early intervention, Young Engineers breathes passion into the dreams of young engineers and scientists. With an original and unmatched approach to engaging young people, Young Engineers enables kids to think outside the box and propel them into a future of programming.