Give the gift of coding with multiple options, 60 activity cards, 3 activity boards & a 4-in-1 robot kit (AlgoBuddy, AlgoStar, AlgoDali, Rooster Family).
Your kid will learn functions and parameters, loops, algorithmic thinking, multi-threading, conditions and advanced sequencing, and code the robot to move around, light up and respond to sensor input.
  • 4-in-1 Robot Kit (700 Pieces)
  • 3× Motors
  • LED Light Brick
  • 2x Sensor Bricks (Sound&Distance)
  • 10x Function Blocks
  • 58x Parameter Blocks
  • 3× Activity Boards
  • 60x Activity Cards

* Estimated delivery: October 2018 

* Additional taxes may apply according to your shipping address

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